Rub Toothpaste over Your Arms Overnight for a Surprising Effect the Next Day

Did you know toothpaste can heal a bruise? This is just one of the many miraculous home remedies using toothpaste that bloggers rave about!

Heals Bruises

Home Remedies Org recommends mixing toothpaste with lotion and applying the homemade salve to a bruise before bed. Loosely cover the bruise and rinse the area in the morning. Repeat this process until the bruise disappears (2- 3 days).

Treat acne

Gently apply some non-whitening, non-gel toothpaste on the affected skin area before going to bed. The next morning, expect the pimples to be dried up. This home remedy for pimples is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Deodorize hands

If you’ve been cutting garlic or handling fish, you may feel desperate to rid your hands of those nasty smells. Reader’s Digest says the paste deodorizes hands in the same way it does your mouth.

Relieves Irritation from Bug Bites, Blisters, and Sores

To relieve the irritation and stop the itching from bug bites or insect stings, gently rub a tiny dab of toothpaste on the affected area. This will also reduce any swelling. When it comes to blisters and sores, you can also use this ingredient to dry them up, which will hasten the healing process. It’s best to do this treatment before going to bed, and leave it overnight.

Cleans Fingernails

It’s easy and it works! Use a baby toothbrush to apply it and give your nails a good scrub for a minute or two. You may need to do it several times depending on how stained your nails are. The white colored pasty toothpaste works best as opposed to the blue or green gel-like toothpaste.

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